Three Non-Design Skills That Will Enhance Your Web Designer Resume

Are you a web designer who’s struggling to get clients? Perhaps you’re constantly applying for freelancing gigs or dutifully updating your blog and sending out your email newsletter … but the work just isn’t coming in. Try adding some extra (non-design) skills to your toolbox: that way, your resume will be set to impress. First, …

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Advantages of using Google Alerts: When Finding Potential Customers Online.

With the unpredictable change of whatever is in trend, it’s hard to keep up with when you do everything manually. It’s a good thing that we are in the age where most of the works can be done automatically. With Google Alerts, the process of monitoring new content has changed greatly. What was once complex …

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All-In-One Publishing Platform That Best Monetize Online Contents

Make money from written content: All-In-One Publishing Platform to Monetize Online Contents

Introduction to Publishing Contents Online There are many ways to publish contents online. Take posting on social media for example, when you post some written content there, those are already called publishing content. Millions of contents are being published on different social media platforms every day. These contents are delivered and can be seen by …

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