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In some themes, we use Breadcrumb-Trail plugin, because it has good Schema integration and helps with SEO.

Some people reported issues related to translating strings in breadcrumb plugin, so here are the steps to translate the strings in breadcrumb plugin.

Step 1: Please go to plugins/Add new and search “say what”

Step 2. Locate Say what plugin and Install / Activate it.

Step 3. After installing Say what plugin, you will see a new menu in Tools, called text changes, please click it.

Click on “Add” #

Step 4. Add details as shown in below image. ( Case should be same in original String. )

After clicking add, you can see that Home is now translated.

Here are the strings that you can translate using above method. Put them in Original string field without quotes, and one at a time.

Please note the Original string text should be exactly as it is, including case, and any comma or semicolon etc. And Text domain will always be breadrumb-trail, you can put whatever you want in Replacement string. Use these without quotes, and one at a time.

'Browse:', 'Breadcrumbs', 'Home', '404 Not Found', 'Archives', 'Search results for: %s', 'Page %s', 'Comment Page %s', 'Minute %s', 'Week %s'

Its recommended that you keep %s as it is in replacement string also, if you are curious what that means, see below.