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Justshoppe – Bakery & Food WordPress Theme

Justshoppe is fast, SEO friendly WordPress theme. It comes with multiple demos. Demos are created with Popular Elementor page builder, by using over 40 custom Elementor modules. You can easily import these demos with a click and edit easily using frontend based point and click interface.


Top Reasons to Consider Justshoppe

#1 Best Seller Food Theme

Justshoppe is #1 Best Selling Food Theme on Themeforest. ( In Food category and live since 2013 )

Complimentary addons & services

Justshoppe is more than just a theme. It comes with Chatbot, FB chat, Whatsapp Chat, Yelp reviews, Google reviews, Event calendar and more modules.

Fast and SEO friendly

Lightweight and very fast. Load in seconds. Google rich snippets built-in.

Native Mobile app

Yes! You heard it right. Justshoppe comes with a native Android and iOS app connected with your Woocommerce store. ( Not PWA, a real native mobile app ). We also provide guides to publish your app on app stores.

Matured and Solid

Regularly updated since 2013. Sold over 2700 times. Perfected for years based on customers' feedback.

Customise everything

900+ Customiser options, Header builder, Footer builder, blog builder, WC builder, Pages are created using Elementor, customize every pixel as per your needs.

Design that sells

Justshoppe theme is not just eye candy but a design that creates trust. It comes with many demos with real-life, usable blocks.

Build Bespoke Order Feature

Justshoppe comes with Build your own Cake/Pizza/Anything feature. Your customers can choose the ingredients they prefer and it updates the price accordingly. This is a unique feature that can increase your store sales.

* Apart from these top features, Justshoppe comes with many other useful features for your business, see below for more details.

Carefully Crafted Demos


Great theme works well for me. Customer support is fantastic. Got all the help I needed straight awway. were very helpfull.
Themeforest Customer
This theme is perfect for my client. It's very easy to set up and offers a lot of options. The customer support is fantastic!
Themeforest Customer
It is a great theme. Customer service is extraordinary. Your problems and questions resolve themselves very promptly and effectively. I'm really satisfied with the purchase.
Themeforest Customer

Justshoppe Features


We provide well-designed pages, you can customize them easily to fit your particular need, with an intuitive customizer with over 900 options. More options are added with every update.


We are in this together, we provide personal one-to-one support. Your every email will be responded in a professional and timely manner, by a human, thats a promise.


We are in this together, we provide personal one-to-one support. Your every email will be responded in a professional and timely manner, by a human, thats a promise.


Build the header you want easily, using the intuitive header builder. You can set the header rows and structure, and then select the elements you want in the footer. It's easy and fun to customize the header.


Sell easily and beautifully using Woocommerce. The theme comes with a dedicated customizer panel for Woocommerce. It also comes with in-built features such as quick view and easy filter options.


If you like Gutenburg, the theme works with it properly, all customization set in the customizer works for the Gutenburg editor as well.


We have multiple themes powered by the same core framework. The theme & framework gets regular updates, and your website will continue to work for years.


We provide detailed documentation and tutorials. If you ask something particular we can create a video for the same as well so that it will benefit even more users.


Mobile users are increasing day by day, that's why the theme is responsive and mobile-friendly. We go even further by providing a dedicated panel for customization for Tablets/mobiles.


Google favors fast loading websites, that's why we created the theme with minimum HTTP requests. We also use vanilla JS instead of jquery. The theme loads fast, you can also notice the same from the demos.


Elementor is a powerful plugin, the theme lets you craft your pages easily using Elementor, it doesn't force its own styling on top of Elementor. The same applies to Elementor Pro as well. Note that you do not need Elementor Pro for the theme to work.


This theme comes with a lot of filters and hooks, so if you are a developer, you can modify anything using simple functions of your own, without going deep in the already coded functions.


We use industry-standard coding practices. All outputs are escaped properly. We also have the code reviewed by a third party and the popular plugins to make sure it's bulletproof.


Schema is imported for proper Search Engine visibility. The theme comes with an Inbuilt schema so that Search Engines understand your website and content easily and effectively.


Build the footer you want easily, using the intuitive footer builder. You can set how many columns would you like, and then select the elements you want in the footer. It's easy and fun to customize the footer.


Search Engine ranking is important for getting leads and customers. That's why the theme uses the proper heading tags and best practices to put the content first. The clean structure and fast loading also help in rankings.

About Justshoppe

The Justshoppe Food WordPress Theme is a clean, creative, beautifully designed WordPress Theme that is built to be fully utilized in setting up websites that showcases food recipes, food blogs, restaurant reservations, and more online food-related websites.

The Justshoppe Food WordPress Theme is complete with all the vital features users need to fully establish a website. The theme has the Drag & Drop Elementor Page Builder that allows easy customization to the website. The theme offers more essential and most vital features that make it so much easier for users to finish setting up their food blogs of any food-related websites.

What is a Food WordPress Theme?

Food WordPress themes are specially designed themes that are meant to be fully utilized for any food-related website, just like how shoes are meant for your feet.

The developers of the theme center their focus on building a tool for advantage to users seeking a much easier and much convenient way of fully establishing a food blog, food recipe, and more food-related websites.

Food WordPress Themes are built with features and functions that are all dedicated to any food-related website.

Food WordPress Themes offers the availability of features for integrating food recipes, eCommerce shops, reservations functions, food orders, and delivery functions into the food website easily. Users won’t be scrounging for these features anymore with the regular WordPress themes as Food WordPress Theme offers all these features in one room.

Vital features and functions The Justshoppe Food WordPress Theme offers are:

Elementor Page Builder

One essential element that the developers of each WordPress theme deeply consider is the fact that not all users are seasoned with building and establishing a website, some are just beginning to navigate their way and route to each feature and function of the theme.

The Justshoppe Food WordPress Theme, having a powerful and popular Elementor Page Builder proves the developers’ dedication to better the use of the theme. Now, users that are just beginning to set up a website for their own food business can easily navigate through the elements and functions. This feature doesn’t really hinder the process of a professional and seasoned web designer as there are also a lot of features that are much help to them.

Fully Customisable

From what is emphasized and featured earlier, the Justshoppe Food WordPress Theme is made to help users easily set up everything with their online shop or website.
The theme grants users full customizability to every element and feature to fully decide on what should be displayed on the whole website and on how it should be showcased, with just a few easy clicks.

Modern and Flexible

One most essential element needed for a food WordPress theme is its general designs and features to be the most fitting to the type of website being developed. The Justshoppe Food WordPress Theme is built with a modern and flexible design.

A modern designed WordPress Theme is considered essential as most people prefer modernity on a website especially as the website built with the theme is bound to make an online presence in the food industry.

Another feature of the theme is its flexibility that allows users to easily integrate designs, backgrounds, photos, and more into the website without having to worry about the fact that the quality would be ruined as the website is being accessed on different sizes of the screen any device would have. All of these are showcased as demos that could be easily imported.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

The Justshoppe Food WordPress Theme’s compatibility with the most used browsers makes it so much easier for customers to access the website made with the theme. The WordPress Theme having cross-browser compatibility would bring in more audience because of its ease of access.

Users can easily access the website with whatever default browser they are on and the same goes for those developing a website, they can easily edit and customize the food website on whatever browser they use and still do it smoothly.

Plugins Compatibility

A good food WordPress theme also means that it has compatibility with all the most vital plugins to complete food blog websites, online restaurant services, and more websites related to the food industry.

One vital plugin for setting up a website is the WooCommerce plugin that allows users to easily integrate eCommerce shop into the website. Another good plugin is the Elementor Drag and Drop Page Builder that allows users to easily manage the elements of the website.

Fully Responsive

The Justshoppe Food WordPress Theme is also developed to be fully responsive. This food WordPress Theme is fully responsive ensures users easily access that website on any device they are on and still have a smooth experience with the website.

Users can now make the most of customizing and editing at the most fluid and smooth pace with the WordPress Theme. The feature works two way as it also offers benefit to customers that are going to access the online food restaurant website and get the best of the services like table reservations, deliveries, and more related websites and businesses.

High Resolution

The Justshoppe Food WordPress Theme also offers the website a good quality of designs and visuals with its high-resolution feature. Each image and background integrated into the website should not be lowered in quality.


Another good feature that is also vital for online food businesses, food blog websites, and more food-related websites is the fact that the website should be able to be translated to more languages easily.

Users can now easily take their website to a much wider audience with it reaching more people of different languages. Translate each phrase on the website easily with the Justshoppe Food WordPress Theme’s translation-ready feature.

Google Fonts

The Justshoppe WordPress Theme also comes with the availability of more than 500 Google Fonts that users could easily mix and match with whatever design they decide on the website being developed. Unlimited creativity with this awesome feature for the website.

Customer Support

One absolute advantage a WordPress theme could have is customer support. Not all users that create their own website are seasoned enough to know exactly the ropes of every function of the theme.

Users might run into issues no matter how much the theme is highly developed. The Justshoppe Food WordPress Theme offers top-tiered customer support that is available 24/7.

Free Updates

One concern when purchasing a WordPress Theme is that there could be an update right after your purchase. The Justshoppe Food WordPress Theme offers free lifetime updates making it another huge advantage from the others.