Earn From Doing Art and Photography

Nowadays, a lot of people take photos to keep memories of a certain time or event. Some of them even take their canvasses and brushes to paint that moment. With the use of technology, people can “paint” using specific apps. What if they can use this hobby to earn some extra cash?

There are some websites that these people use to promote their photos and art. Some examples are graphicriver.net, U18.net, and freepik.com. These websites then offer these images to other people for their usage.

Artists and photographers are in demand so they make a career out of their hobby. Some of them even customize their vans as their living quarters while traveling. They can sustain this livelihood through the royalties from their photos.

This article will discuss the three best places to sell photos online. One can decide where to sell their photos after gaining details about these sites.

GraphicRiver – Pros and cons


GraphicRiver is one of the sites where photographers can submit photos to earn money. It has several types of templates and graphics for people to use. The site also offers infographics and images for ebooks. People who do manuals and modules also get images from the site.

GraphicRiver is also a hub for premium stock graphics and design templates. These are usable for designing websites, prints, icons, fonts, logos, and more.

If people need flyers, they can use the site’s existing templates. It also has templates for resumes and different presentations. GraphicRiver also gives easy access to many other templates for a variety of uses. Very easy to navigate and provides professional material for any project.

With that kind of reputation, people respect promotions from GraphicRiver. Most people earn at least $30 per month, depending on the frequency of uploads. It is important not to rush in uploading images. It ensures the images’ quality and high-quality photos get higher payments.

Photographers tend to upload at least ten images within three months. That gives them within $50 – $80 earnings for their photos. If they want to earn more, they need to upload more high-quality photos on the site.


  • Have a lot of photo options
  • Good pay for high-quality photos
  • People can download photos as low as $2


  • GraphicRiver takes a huge percentage of the sale. It can take up to 30-55% of the earnings.

UI8 – Pros and cons


Another place to sell photos is UI8. Aside from uploading stock photos, it also provides design kits. These kits would allow people to make different types of designs. These designs would apply to specific niches like website building and wireframe designs. Other modes that UI8 has kits for are CRM, illustrations, HTML templates.

If ever one wants to design an app, there is a specific kit for it. Examples are food delivery, cooking, and social networking apps. People can create apps from these kits then submit it to UI8 to earn money. Designers can earn at least $100-$300 per month.

Once they have one of their designs up in UI8, they can then create another design using a different kit. They can make an unlimited number of designs then submit them to the site. While doing this, their submitted designs will earn passive income.

Of course, designers must focus on designing instead of earning. Making high-quality designs will allow them to earn more. Let UI8 handle the promotion of their designs while they create more.


  • A great source of passive income
  • Provides different types of kits to design from
  • Designers can focus on designing because UI8 takes care of the design promotion


  • A bit less popular compared to other 2 in this article.

Freepik – Pros and cons


When one wants to communicate with other graphic designers, they tend to go to Freepik.

People refer to Freepik for vector image options and designs. In the community, any designer receives inspiration from samples made by other designers. These designs are of high-quality and have many user-based contents.

Freepik receives 80,000 monthly contributions from different designers around the world. These contributors range from professional and hobbyists. Of course, one can expect the same level of quality for their vector and graphic designs.

Designers can use at least 40% of Freepik’s content for free. Other services are available for $8.25 per month. It is the site’s Premium Plan. With this, they can access Premium illustrations and designs.

Freepik only allows three content types: Vector designs, PSD files, and photos. Aside from those three, the site also accepts CSV files. But, this content must pass Freepik’s standards and requirements. Only then will the site approve and promote the content.

For vector designs, it should appear as a .jpg file. Editable designs should be in .eps format. Always give these files the same filename.

As for photos, it’s pretty simple. It only has to be in .jpg format.

For PSD files, it must appear as a .jpg file. If the design needs editing, it has to be in .psd format. Again, these files need to have the same file name.

The most important thing when uploading to the site is that it has to be original. Even if the designer got inspiration from the site, they have to create an original design.


  • Lots of free content to use
  • Only requires a small fee per month to use Premium content
  • Premium users don’t need to attribute Freepik with their designs


  • When using a free account, designers need to attribute their designs to Freepik

Each site provides a chance for designers to earn money from doing something they love. These websites have their advantages and disadvantages. Now, it all depends on the designer on how they can make the most out of these sites.

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