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Fully Managed Websites

Do what you love doing and let us handle your website.

Welcome to We help you own a well functioning website without having all the hassles.

— The reason we created —

The Problem

We have been building websites since 2004. Throughout these 13 years, working with many different types of clients with businesses, we discovered how difficult it is for regular people to manage their web presence. Because it involves so many different aspects, like Domains, CMS, Site updates, Site security, Backups, Restore, Email management, Databases, DNS management, FTP, Content updates and so much more. The list is daunting for someone who just wants to run their business and do what they enjoy most.

It only makes sense that writers want to focus on their writing, that bakers love being in the kitchen and that photographers would rather spend time taking pictures rather than struggling with their website. They can always hire a freelancer to help out, but that can be costly and doesn’t always turn out the way it should.

The Solution

We have come up with a solution that involves us providing clients with a fully developed, ready-to-go live website. From there, we will update it to fit your needs, creating and updating pages according to your requirements.

— List of the services we offer —

Hosted WordPress (Optional)

We host your website on enterprise grade, super fast servers.

Content updates

Just email us for any edits on your website(This includes minor changes and fixes).

Themes (Coming soon)

We offer a beautiful array for you to choose from. (still under development)

Newsletter integration

using the MailChimp email marketing platform for your forms and to capture users’ email addresses.


We make it easy to translate the website to your desired language, you only need to translate strings, the rest we manage.

WPML setup

While the plugin costs extra, we manage the setup, so your website can appear in multiple languages. This is not an easy setup.


Simplified Google analytics that measure your marketing campaign results.

Security & Updates

to ensure everything runs perfectly even after WordPress updates.

One-click staging site

You can try anything you want, without it affecting your main site.


We provide daily incremental backups, with 1-click restore.

Caching & CDN

Your website will load super fast, you are welcome to test your trial site.


We help you with setting up most popular SEO plugin. We want to make your website a success as much as you do.

Billing solutions(Coming soon)

Setting up payment gateways, PayPal, etc. More will be added soon.

— Why use ? —

At Bolvo, We make your website a success by offering you total site care, giving you peace-of-mind.

Custom Built Sites

Your site will be custom built with the appropriate related pages. We research your niche and create web pages that are most suited to your business. We also provide relevant content for the pages, which you can modify yourself or ask us to modify according to your needs.

Free Trials

We are completely confident that you will love our service, which allows us to offer you a 7-day free trial for a fully functioning website. No credit card information is required. You will own the hosted site yourself, be able to play with it, explore its features and how easy it is to work with us.

Money Back guarantee

Bolvo treats its customers as partners. Your success is our success. If within 14 days of your purchase you believe we are not providing value for the money you paid, just let us know. We will gladly refund your money with no questions asked. As simple as that.

— User Stories —

Chris is a plumbing contractor providing service in his local area. He wanted a website to increase his reach and gain more customers. After researching all the ways of obtaining a website he tried to build one himself using a service that provides a so-called site builder. Due to his lack of technical knowledge, he soon realized that it isn’t as easy as it looks.

He decided to hire a freelancer, posting a job in a top freelancing website and was lucky enough to fine a freelancer who was able and willing to finish his website. (If you’ve ever hired a freelancer, you know what we mean.) Now that his site was online, he was able to sit back and relax, but not for long. Within a couple of months, versions of PHP or the CMS he used needed updating and he also wanted to update other things on his website. So he had no choice but to find and hire another freelancer.

What he really wanted to do was focus on his plumbing business, things he enjoys that he’s good at, instead of struggling with his online presence.

Sarah owns and runs a bakery out of her home. She is an excellent baker and loves making cakes and other bakery items for others to enjoy. She hired an expensive local agency to create a website for her business so she could receive orders online. This was very expensive, but the agency did everything she asked for.

Very quickly she realised that it takes much more than a web presence to get online orders. She had no idea how and where to market her website or to deal with the technical aspects of updating the product descriptions and prices. There was no way she could afford to hire this costly agency to handle her small everyday changes so she tried making some changes herself and this messed up her website. Luckily, the agency had a backup.

Sarah is not at all knowledgeable when it comes to technology, not is she interested in taking the time to learn everything she would need to in order to maintain her website. She enjoys being in the kitchen, and this is where she wants to spend her time instead of worrying about her website.

Get Started Today !

The solution we provide solves the problems faced by people like Chris and Sarah. You can count on Bolvo to be your very own team, dedicated to managing your website. You keep doing what you love and leave your website worries to us.

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