Top Reliable Third Party Outsourcing Platform Where Most Online Freelancers Get Hired

Introduction to outsourcing platforms and freelancers.

Freelance. The word sounds nice, not to mention, the character free is in it.

Over time, the number of freelancers all over the world has been dramatically growing.

As of today, there are a total of 35% in the workforce that are freelancers. At this rate, it won’t be surprising if in the near future freelancing would take over the major average of the workforce.

Professionals who have been freelancing for over years and have gained vast experiences have created their own platform and websites where clients could find and connect with them, then get hired.

Some who have only started to work as freelancers tend to depend on third-party outsourcing platforms to get hired. It is important to rely on third-party platforms when you are just beginning to freelance, through it, you’d be more assured with the legitimacy of whichever platform you trust.

Freelancing may start good or even great when you choose the right outsourcing platform to trust. The only question left is, how do I find a decent outsourcing platform? Is it really possible to get hired at a reliable outsourcing platform?

Top Outsourcing Platform for Jobseekers List

1. Upwork.


Upwork is known as the largest freelancer marketplace globally. Upwork has been leading the statistics when it comes to the number of freelancers that are registered within their platform. Statistically, Upwork has over twelve million freelancers and there are more than three million jobs are posted annually.

Upwork has surpassed other outsourcing platforms when it comes to its vast and diverse categories of talents to choose from, taking into consideration of the fact that they are the largest freelancer marketplace worldwide. Upwork also offers free membership for clients and freelancers. The platform also has a real-time chat feature for the convenience of clients and job seekers during interviews.

2. Fiverr


Another outsourcing platform is Fiverr. Fiverr is about profits and is mainly a marketplace for projects and services. The site allows professionals to sell their own outputs like logo designs, video and photo edits, and web designs. Statistics say that Fiverr accumulates over fifty million transactions between buyers and freelancers. All in all, there are only less than nine hundred thousand freelancers that are registered on the site.

What makes Fiverr different from other platforms in a freelancer’s point of view is the opportunity to sell outputs and services at a price higher than five dollars. Fiverr is also an advantage to clients looking for creative designs as the site can offer a variety of designs sold by freelancers. The fact that creative designs are a lot on the site allows clients to carefully pick the best suited for their use.

3. 99designs


99designs is a perfect platform for creative and professional designers. The platform’s name says it all. It’s a platform mainly for a freelance web and graphic designers. The site is specially optimized mainly for the purpose of convenience to designers and those who are looking for designs.

What sets 99designs apart from other outsourcing sites is the fact that they focused on one niche, which is design, and aced in the specific field. Designs that are marketed in the platform are undoubted of quality as each design is handpicked by their designated designer quality team.

4. PeoplePerHour


PeoplePerHour is like an art gallery, only there aren’t any art that is being curated. In PeoplePerHour, freelancers are being curated instead of arts. The site has almost three million freelancers and all have been checked and reviewed thoroughly by their designated team.

The platform takes pride in its user-friendly features that attracted most clients. Not only that, but they made sure of the process of outsourcing to be protected and legit. The site made sure to avoid any further issues on the two ends of the deal, the client and the freelancer.

5. Freelancer


Freelancer is another all in one platform that takes freelancing on the most serious level. The platform has exactly 1350 categories of whatever project you need to be done or what your expertise is as a freelancer.

When clients use the platform, there would be two directions to start with. One is for the client to invite freelancers to bid on a certain project and the other is for the client to search for the most suitable freelancer and make an offer. The platform also has its real-time chat feature where the client and the freelancer can talk over their deal.

6. Designhill


Designhill is another outsourcing platform that is mainly for designs. Over thousands of companies visit the site to find designs on different projects proposed. Designhill has over ninety thousand of passionate and exceptional designers, making the site the right place for those looking for designers to finish a project efficiently.

7. Golance


Golance is a free to use outsourcing platform with a promising feature of making the best and the most convenient service to both freelancers and clients. They made outsourcing and jobseeking a lot more convenient with its chat feature within the site. The site’s team also made sure of the quality of talents registered under them, gaining huge points on outsourcing trust. As of now, there are a total of six hundred thousand trusted freelancers register under Golance.


Freelance is another outsourcing platform that has it all. The site has over millions of freelancers that have all diverse talents.’s job categories are divided into nine and under those nine categories are hundreds of different jobs. Everything in the site is strictly verified by their team making it much more trustworthy for outsourcing. Freelancers are verified as their feedbacks from former projects is posted on the site. The site is also safe with sending and paying invoices as they offer SafePay payment protection.

Among other sites, outlasts all in the industry as they offer the lowest fee. Their maximum value is at a minimum cost. Payment to freelancers is also made flexible by the site. Employers and freelancers are able to negotiate whether to choose an hourly rate or a project-based payment.

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