With the unpredictable change of whatever is in trend, it’s hard to keep up with when you do everything manually. It’s a good thing that we are in the age where most of the works can be done automatically.

With Google Alerts, the process of monitoring new content has changed greatly. What was once complex and manual monitoring, is now made easier and much more convenient.

Advantage of Using Google Alerts over Other Tools

The top quality results for free. When you start using a product or service, it’s always a great option to start off on a free trial. One advantage of Google Alerts is that it doesn’t only run on a free trial but it’s also free to use.

You won’t need to worry about paying for subscriptions every month. You get to monitor whichever new content there is for free and without charges.

One might assume that if something is free, then it’s surely not much of use. But Google Alerts surpassed that stereotyping and made sure to give users the top quality results.


Easy and High-accuracy tracks of alerts. Google Alerts is not only free, but its accuracy is up to par and beyond standards. The tool’s promising accuracy is surely a great advantage, especially in its category. All features of the tool are also easy to use.

Most users prefer easy to use tools as it comes off convenient at their part. Google guides its users all the way to make sure its users are well informed of whatever the use of every feature is. The tracks of alerts are great as it being easy and highly accurate and to think that users can use it for free.

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Strengthen keyword strategy. Choosing the right keywords is a great way to get more customers online. Keywords are what bring customers to notice your content and catch their attention.

Without a tool to help you with this strategy, it’ll be hard to keep on track with the trend and all. Google Alerts can help with strengthening the keyword strategy, making it easy and convenient.


Know which site is linking to your content. The tool’s use does not only work on strengthening keywords, but also allows you to know which site is linking to your content. That way, you can keep track and monitor whichever site your contents are being linked.

The Disadvantage of using Google Alerts

Doesn’t monitor social media. With social media being the top platform to where trends are born, it’s a true disadvantage of how Google Alerts doesn’t cover it.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have undoubtedly millions of users. These users could be potential customers and it’s a real waste of how the tool doesn’t cover these platforms.


Results do not include live broadcasts. Live broadcasts or better known as live streams has also been popular as social media platforms also include this in their feature.

Users who have tons of followers such as celebrities tend to do live streams that are watched over by thousands of their followers. Events like this are such a waste to let it slip.

Those thousands of followers chat and discuss things through a comment section or a chat room, it’s a serious waste as it should be a great opportunity to monitor new content through it.


After reading the above contents, it should be enough to weigh whether to use the tool or not. Generally, its advantages aside, Google Alerts is worth trying as it’s free to use.

Should there be an issue to come forth, you would not be at any loss. The tool is essentially working well on its core purpose, which is to monitor new content. Its disadvantage of lacking the scope through social media platforms is surely one big disadvantage.

Though there are top tools to replace and can be used as an alternative for Google Alerts, the tool has been performing at its best performance with its core purpose despite its disadvantages.

With the tool being free, of quality and accurate results, helps with strengthening keywords, and to know which site is linking to your content, using the tool is not as bad as everyone assumes it to be and it is definitely worth the try.

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