All-In-One Publishing Platform That Best Monetize Online Contents

Introduction to Publishing Contents Online


There are many ways to publish contents online. Take posting on social media for example, when you post some written content there, those are already called publishing content.

Millions of contents are being published on different social media platforms every day. These contents are delivered and can be seen by millions of people throughout the world.

The only problem with publishing written content on those platforms is the fact that you don’t really earn from them. But of course, the category of promotional posts is an exception to that. Promotions done in social media has been seen as a really effective way of marketing products, especially for those who are only starting a business.

Other than social media platforms, there are also other ways to publish written content. Some create their own website to publish these contents, manage and make money from it. Another is to make your written content be published and then be featured by the platform, then make money from it.

The List of All-In-One Publishing Platforms


1. Joomag

Joomag is the leading online publishing platform where you can create and publish digital content like e-books, online magazines, catalogs, brochures, help and support guides, corporate materials, and relevant articles. Joomag is known to be an all-in-one publishing platform where you can monetize content, create, distribute, and track integrated business solutions.

Joomag has a range of version for users to use, from a free version to the platinum version that cost ninety-five dollar per month.

2. Uberflip:

Another online publishing platform is Uberflip. The platform is ideal for blog articles which allows its users to manage and organize content to be published and those that are already published. Uberflip is a more personalized platform that allows content creators to streamline each article and content to reach specific audiences they need. One feature that tipped Uberflip to the greater platform is its responsive interface that includes blog articles and more.

3. Kitaboo

Kitaboo is another platform where you could monetize content. Kitaboo’s difference from other online publishing platforms is the fact that it is a cloud-based digital publishing platform. The platform allows its users to convert any printed document into edocs and enrich it by adding multi-media such as audio, video, and images.

4. Readz:

Among other online publishing platforms, Readzhas been leading as the most simple. Readz’s process of publishing is simple and hassle-free. Like any other online publishing platform, Readz also helps brands create, manage, and optimize tailored content experiences. The platform takes pride in making no complicated processes for users when creating content “without compromising creativity” as they claimed.

5. Zmag:

Zmag is another platform for content creators to publish online content. The platform is a digital publishing platform specialized for shoppable content. It is most ideal for business owners who want to branch out to e-commerce and reach a much wider reach to consumers. Zmag doesn’t only cater to shoppable content but is also good for publishing creative content.

6. Magloft:

Making content and having no hassle when making one is a big help. The hassle-free process makes content creators give birth to creative content. The online publishing platform, Magloft, is a complete digital publishing solution that eliminates all the technical requirements for creating publishing apps. The platform helps content creators capture the reader’s attention in a whole new way by building more interactive and engaging content. Magloft is also known to be a flexible digital publishing platform.

7. YUDU:

YUDU is a full spectrum digital publishing platform. The platform uses advanced publishing software for distributing and controlling the business. YUDU is “simply and rapidly publish high-quality digital magazines, interactive retail catalogs or the full spectrum of business documentation to both web and apps”. YUDU is a platform that made digital publishing easy and of quality.

8. Quark:

Quark is a smart publishing platform with efficient design software. The platform helps content creators publish their content into different platforms automatically.

Quark eliminates the process of having to manually publish content. It is a “customer-communication solution to automates the publishing process, automatically enables the assembly of content for different audiences, improves customer satisfaction and lowers costs”.

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