When it comes to job interviews, it’s natural to feel a bit nervous, especially when interviewing for a position at a company like Aldi. However, with the right preparation, you can feel confident and ready to tackle any question that comes your way.

In this article, we’ll provide you with background information on what to expect at an Aldi interview, including the types of questions you can expect to be asked, tips for answering them, and an overview of the Aldi interview process. With this knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to ace your next Aldi interview and land the job you’ve been dreaming of.

Key Takeaways

  • Prepare for your Aldi interview by familiarizing yourself with common interview questions and practicing your answers.
  • Expect a unique interview experience at Aldi, with a focus on the company’s values and culture.
  • After your interview, be sure to follow up with a thank-you note and continue to stay engaged with the company.

17 Aldi Interview Questions and Tips for Answering Them

Tell Us About Yourself

When answering this question, we should avoid giving a long-winded history of our life. Instead, we should focus on highlighting some of our key skills and experiences that make us well-suited for the role we’re interviewing for. We should also be honest about our experience and qualifications.

Why Do You Want to Work at Aldi?

Aldi is a great company to work for because of the values it upholds, such as quality, simplicity, and responsibility. Mentioning that we appreciate these values and how they align with our own personal values is a great way to answer this question. We should also research the company and mention specific things that appeal to us about Aldi.

What Do You Like and Dislike About Aldi?

Some things we might like about Aldi include the variety of products offered, the company’s commitment to quality, and the friendly environment in stores. As for things we dislike, we could mention the long hours, the early mornings, or the fact that it can be quite physically demanding. We should be honest but also remain positive.

If You Could Change One Thing at Aldi, What Would It Be?

If we could change one thing about Aldi, we might say that we would like to see more stores open in convenient locations. Alternatively, we could suggest that Aldi start offering online shopping with home delivery, or introduce a loyalty program to reward regular customers. We should be thoughtful and realistic with our answer.

What Would You Bring to Aldi If We Hired You?

When discussing what we would bring to Aldi, we should focus on our ability to work hard, our great customer service skills, or our creative ideas for marketing and promotions. We should also mention any relevant experience or qualifications we have that would make us an asset to the company.

What Do You Know About Aldi?

When answering this question, we should mention that we know Aldi is a German discount grocery store chain that’s grown to over 10,000 stores worldwide. We could also add that Aldi has a commitment to offering quality products at low prices and they focus on providing an excellent customer experience. Additionally, we can highlight their commitment to sustainability and the fact that they are always innovating in order to stay ahead of the competition.

What Is Your Personal Experience of Aldi?

We can share our positive experiences shopping at Aldi, such as appreciating the fact that they are able to offer high-quality products at such low prices. We can also mention being impressed by their customer service and commitment to reducing its environmental impact. We should remain positive and highlight what we appreciate about the company.

What Appeals to You About Working for Aldi?

Personally, we can be attracted to the fact that Aldi is a well-respected brand and an employer of choice. We can also believe that working for Aldi would allow us to develop our skills in retail and customer service, while also gaining exposure to innovative practices and cutting-edge technologies. Most importantly, we know that Aldi has a strong commitment to its employees and provides them with excellent opportunities for career advancement.

What Are Your Strengths?

Some of our strengths could include our punctuality, our willingness to take on extra shifts, or our engaging personality. As for weaknesses, we might say that we sometimes struggle to stay organized, or that we find it difficult to say no to customers.

Have You Ever Had a Conflict with a Colleague? How Did You Resolve It?

Describing a time when we had a conflict with a colleague is tricky, but we should try to focus on how we were able to resolve the issue in a positive way. For example, maybe we were able to calm down the situation by speaking to our coworker privately, or we were able to find a compromise that satisfied both parties.

What Would You Do If You Witnessed a Colleague Stealing from Aldi?

If we witnessed a colleague stealing from Aldi, we should report the incident to our manager immediately. Stealing is not tolerated at Aldi and would likely lead to termination.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

In five years, we see ourselves continuing to work at Aldi and progressing within the company. We’re hoping to be promoted to a manager position, or perhaps we’d like to transfer to another store that’s closer to our home.

Tell Us About a Time When You Made a Mistake

Everyone makes mistakes, so we shouldn’t be afraid to admit to one. Just be sure to explain what we learned from the experience and how we’ve been able to prevent similar mistakes from happening in the future.

What Are Some of the Aldi Values That You Resonate With?

Some of the Aldi values that we might resonate with include quality, simplicity, and responsibility. We appreciate that Aldi is a company that puts its customers

What to Expect at an Aldi Interview

At Aldi, the interview process is usually divided into two parts. The first part is the initial candidate assessment process where most of the actual interview questions will be asked. During this process, you will be asked 3-4 questions similar to the ones above, and at the end of the interview, you will have a chance to ask the interviewer any questions you may have. It’s recommended to have at least 1-2 questions ready when you’re asked. The entire process takes about 15-20 minutes.

If you are successful in the initial candidate assessment process, you will be invited for a second interview, also known as the “Aldi experience.” The details of this experience are not publicly available, but it is expected to be a more in-depth interview process.

The Aldi Experience

At Aldi, we have a unique approach to the interview process that we call “The Aldi Experience.” This approach allows us to get a better sense of how you would perform in the role by having you complete tasks that are similar to ones you would normally do on the job. During the experience, you may be asked to stock shelves, tidy up shelves, or bag groceries.

After completing the tasks, we will have a one-to-one conversation with you to get to know you better as an individual. This conversation will cover topics such as the hours you’re looking for, what you did in your previous job, why you want to leave your previous job, why you applied to Aldi, and similar questions to understand if you would be a good fit for our company.

At the end of the Aldi experience, we will ask you to complete a quick maths test to check your number-counting skills. This test is mainly because some of the cash registers at Aldi do not display how much change a customer should be given after paying with cash, so you should be able to calculate this on your own.

Lastly, we will ask you to complete a memory test. During this test, we will show you a card with some popular produce items, each item will have a specific code. You will need to memorize the card for a short time and then we will ask you for the corresponding code for a few random items.

The Aldi experience usually takes around 30 minutes. We believe that this approach allows us to get to know our potential employees better and ensure that they are a good fit for our company.

After the Interview

Once the Aldi interview is complete, we will ask you to wait for a decision, which usually takes 24-48 hours. If you are successful, we will notify you by email and offer you the job. If you are not successful, we will thank you for your time and keep your application on file in case other positions open up. Please be patient and wait for our decision before making any further plans.

Aldi Job Interview Tips

Be Yourself

During the Aldi interview process, it’s important to be honest and authentic in your responses. The company is looking for candidates who are a good fit for their values and culture, so it’s essential to stay true to yourself.

Do Your Research

Make sure you know about the company, its values, and the job requirements. This will not only help you prepare for the interview questions but also show the interviewer that you’re serious about the role. Take some time to research Aldi’s mission statement, history, and current news to have a better understanding of the company.

Be Prepared

Have a few questions ready to ask at the end of the interview, and make sure you know what to expect during the Aldi experience phase. This will show the interviewer that you’re interested in the job and eager to learn more about the company.


Try to stay calm and relaxed throughout the process, and remember that the interviewer is just trying to get to know you better. Take a deep breath and focus on your strengths and qualifications for the job.


A smile can go a long way and will help put the interviewer at ease as well. Remember to stay positive and friendly throughout the interview process.

Wrapping Up

An interview at Aldi may seem daunting, but if you go in prepared and stay true to yourself, you’ll do just fine. Focus on selling yourself and highlighting why you’re the best candidate for the job. Be honest, specific, and give concrete examples whenever possible. With these tips in mind, we’re confident that you’ll ace your interview and get the job. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Previous Retail Experience

We are interested in hearing about your previous retail experience. Please describe your previous roles, responsibilities, and accomplishments in the retail industry. We want to know how your previous experience can be applied to your role at ALDI.

ALDI’s Values

Can you tell us what you know about ALDI’s values? How do you align with them? ALDI is known for its commitment to providing high-quality products at affordable prices. We want to know how you can contribute to this mission.

Difficult Customer Situations

How would you handle a difficult customer situation? ALDI values excellent customer service, and we want to know how you would handle a situation where a customer is unhappy or dissatisfied. Please give us an example of a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer and how you resolved the situation.

Working Efficiently Under Pressure

Can you describe a time when you had to work efficiently under pressure? At ALDI, we value employees who can work quickly and efficiently while maintaining a high level of accuracy. Please give us an example of a time when you had to work under pressure to meet a deadline or complete a task.

Task Prioritization and Time Management

How do you prioritize tasks and manage your time effectively? At ALDI, employees are expected to be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and manage their time effectively. Please give us an example of how you prioritize your tasks and manage your time to ensure that you meet your deadlines.

Working as Part of a Team

Can you give an example of when you had to work as part of a team to accomplish a goal? At ALDI, teamwork is essential to achieving our goals. Please give us an example of a time when you had to work as part of a team to accomplish a goal. How did you contribute to the team’s success?