Top 10 Best Books on How to Become the Best Online Fitness Trainer

Becoming an online fitness trainer is one way to earn money. You can make thousands of dollars every month, exclusive of your primary salary. An online fitness business can help you succeed in life.

A lot of people seek guidance online to lose weight. There are hundreds of online fitness trainers out there. The industry is huge. And it continues to grow every year.

Train yourself before becoming an online fitness trainer. It doesn’t mean paying expensive freelancing classes to get a grip. You can buy books online that guide you on becoming a fitness trainer.

Below is a review list of the top ten best-selling fitness books. It will help you to pave your way into becoming the best online trainer in the industry.

1. Making Money in the Fitness Business – book review.

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This book by Thomas Plummer is a good buy. It teaches you the real-world look of the fitness industry.

The book shows the reality of how people succeed in the fitness industry. The author explained the details in the industry through possible situations and illustrations.

Plummer explains the fitness business in great detail. He also uses real-life examples for better understanding. You can find relevant information and amazing illustrations in the book. It is helpful if you are looking for traditional fitness methods. Plummer is one of the honest authors who will open your eyes to the real fitness industry.

Readers find the book more on the reality side, which helps them a lot. They appreciate the honesty of Plummer explaining the reality of the fitness industry.

But, some readers think that the book is not updated. Readers say that some implications are not anymore applicable in the industry today.

2. The Fitness Entrepreneur’s Handbook – book review

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This book by Pat Rigsby is ideal for people who are passionate about fitness. It helps you to start a business as an online fitness trainer. It contains guidelines to achieve your financial goals.

For budding fitness entrepreneurs, this is a motivational book. It teaches general concepts and ideas. It also contains real-life scenarios that you will encounter in the fitness business. The author encourages you to build a fitness business that you want. He also cites his own experiences as a fitness business owner. It is excellent if you are looking for motivation, so start your fitness business.

The audience perceives the book as more encouraging and motivational. They find it helpful through the fitness business strategies written in it. Also, readers added that the book lays down advice that is easy to understand. But, some readers look for more information. They say that it focuses more on the general areas of the business and not the actual possible scenarios.

3. Fitness Launch Formula – book review

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This book by Brian Devlin contains information about the fitness industry. It discusses everything you need to know before starting a fitness business. You can use this book to become an online fitness trainer. It also helps in building a brick-and-mortar fitness center.

Anytime you want to step into the fitness industry, it will be your guide. The author writes in great detail to teach you the basics of a fitness business. Best of all, you can have this book at an affordable price!

Many people recommend this book for individuals who aim to start a business. The book gives clear information on initiating a fitness business. It also provides tips and strategies one must use. Some readers say that Devlin provided as much information that suffices the readers.

It sparks the confidence within the people who aim to start a business. There aren’t many negative criticisms of the book. Most readers recommend it to those who want to learn more about the fitness industry.

4. The Art of Selling Memberships – Book Review


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If you want to be an online fitness trainer and sell memberships, take a look at this book. Erik Charles Russell is magnificent in writing great details about sales.

This groundbreaking book is best if you want updated information. When you apply it to real life, you can make millions in a year. The membership sales master will teach you how to make money out of online membership. One-on-one training and memberships are best for freelance trainers. It helps since they do not own a fitness center.

Readers recommend this book for someone who aims to train a team for business. Russell explained the things business owners must and must not do. From how to spark up their passion for how they can increase their profit percentage.

The book’s step by step guideline brings simple analysis to those who like to put up a fitness business. The only thing readers notice is the technical errors that are evident in the book.

5. How To Be an Insanely Good Online Fitness Coach – Book Review


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Take your career to the next level with this book by Scott Abel. This in-depth guide will help you to achieve your financial goals.

This book will teach you to upgrade from being a trainer to a coach. It also helps you to choose the best certification to earn. It serves as a guide if you don’t know where to start looking for clients. It covers common coaching mistakes that you need to avoid.

The book focuses on the things coaches should keep in mind. It gives tips to coaches about how they can help clients achieve goals. Readers recommend this book most to those who are starting. Yet, some people find other book contents, not in line with the others. Some find parts of the book not related to being an excellent online fitness coach. But, it simplifies the things starting coaches should know before building a business.

6. Becoming a Personal Trainer for Dummies Paperback – Book Review


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Turn your passion for fitness to a successful career. This book helps to get you into action. It is a combined knowledge of two renowned authors. Melyssa St. Michael and Linda Formichelli are expert fitness trainers.

It teaches you to become a full-time online fitness trainer. If you’re looking for guidance in the fitness business, this is it. Complete with expert tips and advice, you can enter the fitness industry.

Readers find this book very informative because of the revelations in it. It gives a lot about the realities of the fitness industry. This is why this book is excellent for those who are curious about learning more on a fitness business.

But, some readers find other information out of time and not updated. The book sometimes states old reports. But, they still find it helpful to those who need a guide on the fitness industry.

7. Ignite the Fire: The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career – Book Review


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Jonathan Goodman is one of the best fitness authors. If you want to take advice from him, read this book. It is best for budding personal trainers.

The book will help you find your dream personal training job. It also teaches you to sell any client. He will show you how to market yourself and make a passive income. As an online fitness trainer, you will learn how to grow your career and bank account. All the basics of being an online fitness trainer are here.

This book by Jonathan Goodman focuses on starters that aim to learn more about a training career. Accomplished personal trainers praised the book. They said that it helped them fill in their beginner’s knowledge.

The book states possible situations that occur on the journey to a personal trainer. It also gave information to different types of clients trainers might encounter. This book did not receive that much adverse criticism. It only earned praise from those starting and accomplishing personal trainers.

8. Change Maker: Turn Your Passion for Health and Fitness into a Powerful Purpose and Wildly Successful Career – Book Review


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In this book, John Berardi will teach you how to start a career as an online fitness trainer. The fitness industry is competitive. He will help you to jumpstart your career to success.

This career guide will help you become a successful online fitness trainer. It contains six helpful steps that cover everything you need to know. This book will help you to fund the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

The book focuses more on the mentoring and guiding part rather than the technical aspect. It is best for starting entrepreneurs. It lays out helpful mindsets that can help you build a strong business foundation.

Many entrepreneurs showed appreciation for the book. They recommend this book to people who dream of starting their own business. They also said that it helped them achieve their greatest dreams. Readers say that this book can change the world. They have nothing but gratitude to the author.

9. The Fitness Professional’s Complete Guide to Online Training – Book Review


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If you are a fitness professional looking for new opportunities, this book is for you. Lisa Shaughnessy and Chris Lutz will teach you how to start your freelance online career.

This book includes guidelines and information about starting an online training business. It also includes tips for fitness professionals in setting up a business. The last chapters cover tracking the client’s progress. It also helps you to market your online fitness business.

There is a lot of good feedback from this book’s readers. They say that the book has a good outline that drops the purest forms to help fitness professionals. It presents a step by step guide that entrepreneurs can apply in their business. There is also a series of tips that add to the information readers meet.

Although it helps a lot of beginners. Readers notice the book’s lack of information that can help entrepreneurs more. They think that the book must have more tips and knowledge for budding entrepreneurs.

10. Your First 100 Clients: How to Build Your Dream Online Fitness Business While Changing Lives and Creating The Freedom You Want – Book Review


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As a fitness entrepreneur, you must be struggling with inconsistent income. Allow Chris Dufe to help you clear the confusion.

This book contains practical strategies for building your dream fitness business. It helps you to maximize your income. It teaches you how to become an excellent online trainer. The book helps in growing your online business. It also helps you to earn money that can sustain your dream lifestyle.

This book provides clear information on what the real world is. It presents solutions and steps that can help you start as an entrepreneur. It gives readers a guideline on how to achieve their goals and become successful.

The downside of the book is that readers notice some technical errors in it. They also saw the lesser effectiveness of the applications stated in the book. Some readers also complain about its price and worthiness. They said that it does not help someone who aims for application tips on online fitness business.

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