Earning Passive Income and Commissions from Building a Wordpress Website for Product Reviews

Introduction to Building a Website

If you search the web of ways on how to earn money online, building your own website would probably pop up among many ways.

A website for product reviews.

Judging from the phrase itself as well as what was written in the title section. You probably got the gist of what exactly we are talking about. But how does it work?

Websites for product reviews are mostly by those who have a knack for marketing and are good with words to make product sell. When you build or create your own website for product reviews, you need marketing as a primary skill, and also writing as you’d be writing product reviews as content in your site. Is it a good source of passive income?

Well, if you get the hang of it, you’d probably do well and earn good amount of passive income. Sadly, there are a lot of online sites that has been doing this for a long time and have learned the dos and don’ts better than newcomers like you.

But it’s never too late to start one, as long as you do everything at the perfect time and learn the right twist and turns to keep the site running successfully.

Where to start?

1. Plan a specific category of product to review.


A fact that is known by many is that there are hundreds of competitions out there when it comes to this line of industry. But luckily, there are newly launched product each year, may it be on cosmetics or electronics.

These newly launched products need to widen their scope of marketing and look for opportunities to advertise their products. That’s where you come in. That opportunity is not only for them but to you as well. But you have to plan everything well before you plunge into the abyss of failure. You have to decide on which category of product are you going to review.

Deciding on a specific product category to be reviewed is vital when it comes to running a website, and it’s called a niche. You need one so you could focus on making it strong and a vital part of your site.

2. Choosing a catchy and easy to remember domain.

Follow your path

With so many domains created, creating a catchy and easy one might be a difficult feat to pass. But do you really need to think this phase thoroughly when you could just make something up?

Well, if you are thinking about doing this in the long run and you want your site to run successfully, the answer is yes. That is, especially when you decide to pay WordPress for that domain.

A catchy domain can help people remember it easily and its originality would be stamped on their mind. Having a catchy domain can help your website handsomely as you would get more people to visit the site, especially when the domain is easy to remember as well.

3. Choose a good web hosting.


Choosing a good webhosting is essential after deciding on which domain would be best for your site. One of the largest webhosting is Bluehost. Bluehost advances on affordable domain names. WordPress has basically made Bluehost as its main webhosting and many who created websites primarily choose it. Bluehost as WordPress’ main webhosting has become the top convenient especially if you are new to creating websites.

4. Install WordPress.


To start and be able to choose which theme would be best for your product review, you would need to install WordPress. If you chose Bluehost as your webhosting, you will have to follow instructions given for beginners on the process of building the website.

If not, you can follow instructions given.

  • Downlaod WordPress installer from WordPress’ site to start installation process
  • From there, find the latest version of WordPress and choose that to download
  • Next is to create a MySQL database and assign MySQL user with full permission
  • After creating MySQL and assigning MySQL user, make sure you write every detail you’ve put on it as you’ll need that in the installation process
  • Set up wp-config.php
  • Upload the files In the Root Directory In a Subdirectory
  • Run the WordPress installation script by accessing the URL in a web browser

5. Choose a theme.


Choosing a theme is another stumbling block. You have to ensure that the theme you decide to use is in line with what you need your website to be. You have to consider which colour it’s going to be and what theme to use to know how you want your website to appear. There are also third-party plug-ins that can be installed in WordPress that offer thousands of free themes for you to choose from.

6. Install WP product review plug-in.

After you are done and have finally decided which theme you should use, you have to install a product review plug-in. A product review plug-in is an essential tool for your website as it helps you with how you want to arrange things for each review. The product review plug-in has all the settings you need to set up a product review. Another thing you can do with the product review plug-in is that you can set-up the features, the image, and the description of the review.

7. Set-up Product Review’s display and how it would appear on the page.

After installing the WP product review plug-in, the next thing to do is to set-up the display of your product review. As mentioned earlier, the plug-in helps with setting up everything with how the product review would be displayed in the page. Setting up the product review’s display means to arrange everything that is needed to be displayed and to choose which feature should be displayed in the page.

8. Kickoff product reviews.

Everything is set now and all that is left for you to do is to start the product review. You can now start earning the passive income whether it could be affiliate marketing, through advertising or through paid reviews.

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