Creating a website isn’t easy. Once you’ve created the ideal website for your business, it’s time to promote it. Fortunately, you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket for promotion. There are multiple methods in promoting your website without spending a single penny.

Today, we will enumerate the top ten awesome approaches in effectively marketing your website for free. The following methods are proven to boost your website without spending:


1. Strengthen SEO in your website

One of the best ways to promote your engine is through search engine optimization (SEO). Compared to search engine optimization (SEM), SEO does not require payment. You can enter the competition and rank high on Google.

By doing so, you need to publish quality content and improve the navigation of your website. Work on the number of links that your website is receiving from outbound sources. You can also optimize your website’s header so that users looking for your products and services can easily find your business. However, progress in SEO doesn’t show overnight. You have to work on it every day to ensure that you get reliable results.

To start with, you can use the Google Search Console. This search giant tool will help you to strengthen the SEO on your website. It has a plethora of tools that are easy to use. It also works by assessing the data on your website and giving sitemap reports.


2. Start a blog

Your website must have a blog. It serves as the foundation and crucial inbound marketing practice. Blogging can also help to increase your website’s ranks on search engines. If you want your readers to see you as an expert on your products or services, you should consider blogging.

It’s a win-win situation. Blogging requires in-depth research of the market so you can widen your knowledge and sharpen your skills. You need to follow technicalities when blogging to make sure your message gets across your readers.

Since you are still starting, you can use Sumo. It is a free blogging tool that will help you get started. It allows you to incorporate social sharing buttons and email capture forms. It also analyzes your blog. The paid version will enable you to access advanced features such as a/b split testing and many more.


3. Send out newsletters

You see a lot of companies sending out newsletters, so why bother entering the competition? A carefully-written newsletter can change the game. Do you know that the average return for newsletter marketing is $38 for every $1 you spend? You can do it for free.

When crafting a newsletter, make sure that your content is hard-hitting, your CTA can induce them to take action, and keep your tone prominent. This is what will get you across your reader and urge them to take action. Sending out newsletters is handy when used wisely.

Benchmark allows you to craft email newsletters easily thanks to its drag-and-drop functionality. Limited technical knowledge shouldn’t hinder you from crafting the best newsletter. You can also choose from a variety of newsletter templates. It provides analytics of your email campaigns and suggestions to improve it.


4. Start guest blogging

Aside from maintaining your own blog, it would help if you considered inviting a guest blogger to share his knowledge. This tactic is prevalent because both parties can benefit. When another person writes a guest blog for your own, you can attract this blogger’s network and drive some quality leads. Aside from that, building relationships and networking will help you to survive in this industry. Guest blogging will help you to widen your brand exposure, drive more traffic, and increase your social media shares.

For intelligent blogger outreach, you can use the SEO Gadget bulk analysis tool. This tool delivers high volumes of data that will help you choose the blogs you’re planning to reach out to. It also helps you to save time when narrowing down your choices. The data includes their IP address, contact page, and social media profiles.


5. Take advantage of social media

Most people spend their time on social media. Hence, consider taking advantage of the number of users to expose your brand. Posting photos of your products or services on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter can do wonders. Aside from that, engaging with your audience also helps to increase your social media shares. If your content gains a lot of shares, expect to see an increase of visitors checking out your profile and clicking the link to your website.

To maximize the power of social media, you may use Buffer Publish. This tool will allow you to schedule your posts on social media, analyze your performance, and manage all of your social media accounts in one system. It is easy to use and best for beginners.


6. Join and post on forums

Popular forums such as Reddit will help you to promote your website. Engage in a trending topic and, whenever necessary, improve your website. Just make sure that you don’t spam (it is rude and inappropriate). Keep on engaging with other people in the community and provide well-thought and relevant answers. Even if you don’t post your link, curious minds will most likely check out your profile and, in turn, lead them to your website. For this to be effective, you have to be up-to-date and knowledgeable about relevant topics.


7. Take advantage of backlinks

Outreaching means you reach out for a blogger and ask them to link your website. But for an effective outreach strategy, you need to know and determine who you’re going to reach out to. Research on your market and prepare a list of the target websites that are going to be relevant to your own.

After knowing who you’re going to contact, craft a pitch, and get in touch. You need to be creative when crafting a pitch so that they won’t turn you down. High-ranking people are not interested in collaborating with a business owner who lacks knowledge in the market. Sell yourself and prove to them that you’re worthy of acceptance.

Ahrefs is a popular tool among marketing experts. It provides all the features that you need to track your keywords and backlinks. It also gives you an insider look at what your competition is doing to build a better strategy. The quality of data it provides will help you to effectively market your website.


8. Create free resources

One way to effectively boost your website is by creating free resources. Whether it’s a tutorial series on YouTube or downloadable PDF, people will love you for it. It would help if you focused on giving out valuable content. It should be easy to share and easier to understand. If you need to repurpose your content to achieve this goal, do so. The goal is to create talking points for your audience.

When creating content, you need to build credibility and establish yourself as an expert. You can use Atlas. This tool works by researching topics and keywords. It will deliver graphics of the recent research data. Whatever project you are working on, this research tool will help you to create quality content.


9. Engage with your audience

Striking up a conversation with your audience is one way to boost your website. If they leave a comment, do not hesitate to reply. Be approachable and talk to them. If there’s any discussion where the potential of strategically sliding your brand seems appropriate, you can engage and chat. The best way for them to know your brand exists is by speaking up.

Take your engagement to the next level with WebEngage. This useful tool will help you to keep engaging with your customers and determine if the tactic you’re deploying is effective. It provides a series of forms that your customer can fill up. This tool will help you to save time by eliminating multiple split tests to determine if there’s a problem with your customer engagement strategy.


10. Be an expert

If you want to build credibility, you need to be an expert. As much as possible, you have to be a resource person that anyone would look for when conducting an interview. Consider every interview opportunity you encounter and make an appearance. Online video shows, podcasts, and local media broadcasts will help you to reach out to a large range of audience. If you don’t know where to start, visit Source Bottle. Listing yourself as a subject matter expert will help you to gain interview opportunities for bloggers or journalists who are always looking for experts.

Being updated with the current events will help you stay one step ahead of the game. Whatever field you are planning to dominate, make sure that you know the latest updates, techniques, and methods. Dedicate at least half an hour every day to sit down and read books or articles so that you know what’s going on. It will help you to speak wisely during the interview.

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