The 15 Best Random and Free Domain Name Generator

Most of the time, people waste precious time thinking of a name for their domain, website, or blog. Of course, they need to focus on that name because it is how people would know about them.

They need to come up with a name that would stick in people’s minds. That way, their blogs will receive frequent visitors; both new and returning ones. Bloggers and web designers need catchy, bold, and trendy names. It should also sound professional and intellectual.

That said, this article should help them find and decide the right name for them. Discussed in this article are the best random domain name generators for free. This list is in no particular order so one can try some of them before deciding.

The Best Free Domain Name Generators

1. Bust a Name


It sounds like this generator’s name came from a popular dance game for the Playstation. That game is Bust a Groove. In any case, Bust a Name uses unique filtering tools to assist the user in finding a domain name. Filters are great since one can adjust the parameters based on their choice. It can also choose a random name for the user. It is possible through the “Make a Random Domain” button.

2. Namecheap

When anyone hears the connotation, “Beast Mode”, it means someone is very angry. But for Namecheap, Beast Mode is the generator’s way of helping to choose a domain name. Users can add their preferences through filters. They can also opt to choose all options in every category. Beast Mode filters result through its price, letters, vowels, and so on.

3. NameStall

Another free generator that has a lot of tools is NameStall. With this generator, they can filter results through specific categories and keywords. Users can also choose to place their keyword either at the beginning or end of the domain. They can also opt to place a hyphen on their domain name as well.

4. Domains Bot


When making searches, those automated results came from bots. In that sense, Domains Bot is no exception. What puts it above the rest is that it suggests names for the user. It can also search based on the filters of the user. When the user searches a keyword, it will provide ideas based on that keyword. It will also suggest other possible domain names like the user’s search results.

5. Lean Domain Search


With Lean Domain Search, users only need to place a keyword on the search bar. When they click the magnifying glass icon, it will do its search. Once the search is complete, the user will receive either hundreds or thousands of name ideas. These results are usable on .com domains. This generator can save the user’s favorite domain names as well.

6. Nameboy

Another name that has a video game connotation (GameBoy). With this generator, the user can search up to two keywords at the same time. NameBoy will then provide its suggested names for the user to choose from. It also employs the use of charts so that the user can see the available names. This means if somebody owns a .com domain name that they want, they can use the .net name.

7. Panabee


Now this is a domain name generator that has the best of both worlds. Panabee helps users to find not only domain names but business names as well. A user can use two keywords for its search. If someone already owns the name, they can go to GoDaddy to find alternative name extensions.

8. Shopify Business Name Generator


For those business-minded people out there, this name generator is the best for them. This generator’s main purpose is to provide business names. But, bloggers can also use this generator for their domain name searches. A single keyword search would produce hundreds of name ideas. The generator’s suggestions words on .com extensions.

9. HostPapa


Users are in for a treat when using HostPapa. Not only does it search for domain names, but it hosts websites as well. Once a user searches for a name using a keyword, it will inform them if the name is available. It will also provide alternative domain name suggestions and extensions.

10. Domain Puzzler


This name generator has many options, yet simple enough to use. It also has different categories for the search. Users can choose from Easy, Advanced, Magic, and Page Rank. What sets it apart from other generators is its keyword search. Users can place more than two keywords for their searches. The tool will combine these keywords and produce results based on that combination.

11. Name Station


This domain name generator has an availability checker for domain names. Here, the user will know if they can still use their domain name idea. If not, they can use its name generator to find a new one. It also has a unique search based on the user’s industry. That way, they would only receive relevant suggestions.

12. Name Mesh


Categories help users in finding the right domain name for their sites. Name Mesh has five categories to choose from. Depending on their idea, they can choose the Common, New, Short, Similar, and SEO categories. This generator also provides alternative keywords to search for.

13. Webhosting Geeks

Another jack-of-all-trades, this generator does more than providing domain name suggestions. It can suggest products, blogs, and business names. Users can search for keywords then adjust their domain length. Its length can be anywhere from five to thirty letters. It also provides options to search from any extension.

14. Instant Domain Search


Users will enjoy this generator if they already have chosen their domain name. They can use this tool to see if someone already owns this name. Should that be the case, the generator will provide similar ideas. Users can also follow links that will lead them to the domain’s owner. Here, they can hire an agent that will make an offer to the owner.

15. I Want My Name


This generator pretty much works like Instant Domain Search. This generator works best if the user has a name in mind. The tool will let the user know if someone uses this name already. If the name isn’t available anymore, the generator will provide alternative options. Users can also hide unavailable domains in the tool’s filters.

Finding domain names can be tricky. One has to make sure that their domain name is unique. If somebody uses their ideal domain name, they have no choice but to settle for an alternative. These tools will make finding a domain name much easier.

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