This 2020, the number of home-based business owners are increasing. Due to the on-going circumstances, a 9-to-5 job is not practical right now. Starting a business at home can seem like a daunting task. You are now alone to venture on your own. But do you know that some people are meant to be entrepreneurs? You’ll never know if you’re one of them unless you try.

Today, we are going to list down reasons why you should start a home business this year. Anchored to the practicality that it offers, here are the following benefits that go along with a home-based business:

1. Increase your work time


The time you spend commuting can be converted into work time. More work time means more work done. It also helps to increase your productivity. You don’t have to stress yourself daily commuting to work when your office is just a few steps away from your bedroom. That way, you can focus on revenue-generating activities instead of worrying this morning’s traffic jam.

Converting your commute time into answering emails, marketing your product, or updating your profile is a big help to your business. If you do this every day, you will notice that your productivity level is much higher than when you go to work and commute.

2. Flexible working hours


Another reason why it’s practical to start a home business is the flexibility of hours that it offers. Some entrepreneurs feel the most creative first thing in the morning while others draw great ideas late at night. You can interact with your customers using mobile phones, emails, and faxes. It also allows you to juggle other responsibilities while working at home. You can start and stop working whenever you want.

Most business owners have time to meet up with their friends for brunch while attending to their customer inquiries with just a click of their phone. Operating your own business allows you the lifestyle you want while earning money in the process. You can schedule meetings at your most convenient time, choose to work from home or in a nearby café for a change of scenery, or even engage with your audience before going to bed using your mobile phone. When you are the business owner, you can do anything.

3. Start a new lifestyle


If you enjoy making your own decisions and like the thrill of taking a risk, then consider starting your own business at home. It allows you to decide without directions from other people. This new lifestyle will allow you to spend more time with your family. You can also venture into other fields at the same time, given the flexibility of your schedule. More ventures mean more revenue. Working at home spells out the opportunities that you can create at the tip of your fingers.

Now that the cultures and other strict procedures do not bound you, you can start a new lifestyle. The life you’ve always wanted is one decision away. If you like doing things your own way, maybe you are meant to become an entrepreneur. You control everything when you are the boss. Start working anytime and stop whenever you want. No one will be looking strictly over your shoulders to ensure that you’re doing your job.

4. Work with selected clients


In a 9-to-5 job, you are forced to deal with clients who often mistreat employees and workers. But when you start a home-based business, you can work with selected clients. It is practical as it can save you from a lot of headaches. You don’t need to fake your enthusiasm working with a client you do not approve of.

Most of the time, big companies will force you to handle clients with unpleasant attitudes. It is very stressful and can drain your energy. But if you run your own business, you can filter the clients you want to work with. You don’t need to endure any nasty treatment. Over time, you will find that it is gratifying to only work with people you are comfortable with.

5. Explore other business ideas


Business always comes with a risk. You’ll never know if your business will work unless you try. When you start a business at home, you can control how much you spend to start the venture. Compared to other business owners who have to rent office spaces, buy expensive equipment, and hire workers only to find out their business is not working as planned. A home-based business allows you to explore other business ideas without burning a hole in your pocket.

If your dream is to create handmade pottery or collect vintage paintings to sell it online, you can do it now. There is no limit to the number of business ideas that you can try now that you are the boss. You can do whatever you want and explore different ventures where you are most passionate about.

6. Build your team


A home-based business requires only a couple of important people in your team to be successful. You don’t need to work with designers, salespeople, or marketing experts who are hard to deal with. You can decide how many people you need in your team. Since you are the boss, it’s your call if you want a small, elite team that can handle everything to keep your business going.

Typically, you will only need five to six workers to start a small business. Working closely together will help you to bond with them and understand each other’s approach towards the business. Aside from that, it has been proven that working in a small group is more comfortable and productive compared to working in a multi-million company with a thousand workers you don’t even know the name of.

7. Reduces overhead costs


Working in a home office cuts off your commute expenses and other office utilities. You don’t need to spend gas money anymore. Not only that, but you have optimal control of other pricing decisions. It is practical, seeing you can choose affordable costs and save a lot of money in the long run. Instead of paying two different energy bills from home and your rented office, you can cut your costs by working at home.

This will help you save money in the long run. You can use this money for investment and other expenses for your business. You are in control of where your money flows. Compared to the common misconception that running a business requires a huge amount of money, it can even save you a lot when you start a home-based business.

8. Increase your salary


Not all industry allows you to earn more money, the harder you work. But if you start a business at home, you can increase your salary by working hard. You don’t need to wait for a promotion or a raise to increase your salary. Your revenue is now directly proportional to your working performance. Working hard means producing more and creating more means of generating more revenue. The best part is when you get to keep the money you earn on your own. You don’t need to buy food outside. Prepare your lunch at home and take a nice break from your work without worrying about time.

9. Less maintenance fee


Running a business in the comfort of your own home is cheaper. It does not demand colossal startup cash. The maintenance is cheaper, as well. There are office utilities that you can eliminate and focus on more important things. Aside from that, you can deduct your home’s depreciating expenses as your business expenses. Working at home offers a lot of tax advantages.

Most government programs are very supportive of small businesses. They offer tax incentives to small business owners. Some plans are directed to companies founded by women. You can take advantage of it to start your home-based business right away.

10. Create your opportunities


If you came from a 9-to-5 job, you understand how hard it is to battle against big corporations and snatch opportunities. However, starting your own business at home shouldn’t be that hard. You don’t look for opportunities but create one. Home-based enterprise allows you to generate income-producing opportunities. You can go on a venture with other fields and try out different promotional opportunities. There is no need to battle against the big competition when you can create your own. Working at home is a convenient choice instead of staying in your 9-to-5 job.

Once you enter the world of entrepreneurship, you will discover how easy these opportunities may come to you. If you don’t see a door to knock for opportunities, build one. Successful entrepreneurs are experts in creating opportunities to improve their business.


With the situation we are facing today, actively looking for revenue-generating opportunities is crucial. Starting a home business can seem terrifying to some. But once you experience freedom in running your own business, you’ll realize that it is more practical than going every day to work. Be your boss. Create opportunities, and change your lifestyle. You could be the next prominent entrepreneur. Take advantage of what you have, and you’ll see your organization grow from scratch until it makes it to the industry.

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