Contact form 7 (CF7) plugin related issues.

Please note the form is powered by popular Contact form 7 plugin( Which is stand-alone plugin with over  1 million installs) and has no association with the theme. The theme only makes it look good. 

To change the email address you want the form details to be sent to, please go to wp-admin/Contact/Edit particular form/Mail tab.
You can enter your email here.
If you edited any form fields, make sure to update the Message body tags on Messages tab. All available tags are available on-page.( See video below for reference )
You can also check the below video.

If all looks good, but still the email is not being delivered, please contact your host as their SMTP server is used to send the email. They can check the logs and see where the email is stuck and can take further actions.
You can know more about color codes of form here for syntax errors, please see