How to list available icon fonts of the theme.

In our themes there are several font icons involved. Sometimes you might want a list of all available icons so that you can choose the one you want easily. 

Here I listed few ways to help you.
here is the process to find all icons you can use. 
1) Please open

2) Browse to THEME/assets/fonts and locate TTF file for the font you are interested in, for example, Flaticon.ttf 
Import that ttf file in the URL of first step. 
3) Now you will see list of all icons with pictures. ( you can select the font of your liking

4) Open THEME/assets/css/themestyle.css file and search for flaticon there you will see list of css classes for the icon. Find the one of your choice and you can use that as a class in Visual composer modules.

The final and probably most complete way is to build your own list of icons that you can use. You can use this app to build your own icon lists as easily as point and click. Then you can export them as a icon font and can use. However it does require basic web development skills.