Translation issues.

First of all, make sure you have followed this guide

After following the above guide completely if there are still some strings that can not be translated, then the below approach might help.

In the Carena theme, some text is saved in the database due to technical reasons and thus is not translatable using Loco translate plugin as detailed in the documentation.

Here is a trick to translate those text.

First, please install and activate this plugin

Once activated, please go to Tools/Text changes and click Add new on the top.

You can use any of text from below, with pixautodeal text domain. Please make sure the case and blank space is exactly same as displayed below, its recommended to copy-paste.

All Fuel Types, All Makes, All Models, All Transmissions, Automatic, Manual, Semi-Automatic, 
Diesel, Electric, Petrol, Hybrid, New, Used, Driver, Non driver, Barnfind, Projectcar, 
In stock, Expected, Out of stock, Front, Rear, Fixed, Negotiable, No, Yes, Featured, Sold, 
Rent, Experience, Request, Reserved, white, silver, black, grey, blue, red, brown, beige, 
green, yellow, orange, purple, 

In the replacement string, you can put the string you want on the place of chosen string, IE your translated string.

It will look like this after you finish.

If it still doesn’t work, please recheck the case and that if you have not put any extra space after any of the entries. Also please try deactivating-reactivating Pixautodeals plugin.

If any of the string still can not be translated, let me know from