Recommended WordPress plugins for additional functionality

Please note below plugins are not coded or endorsed by, we are not responsible for their effect on your website.

Please make sure that you understand that you are using these on your own risk.


These plugins are listed here only to save your time finding the plugin that performs the particular task. There is no benefit for us (eg affiliation with them ) if you use them. 

To add Woocommerce cart in Menu

To achieve custom Archive page titles,

To change only few text of the theme to your liking, please use this plugin

To Sort posts, products: (It is useful if you want to display the products in a particular order on your Shop page).

To Sort Taxonomy: ( If you are using Justshop theme, It is useful if you want to display your choice of 3 categories on the homepage, by default , it shows latest 3 categories that are not blank)

To obtain unique category templates:

To reset database to its initial state :

Useful when you have installed many themes and wp_options table has got too busy. Or you have installed demo data and now want to wipe it out easily.

When you change thumbnail sizes AFTER you have images uploaded to WordPress,

This plugin will recrop your pre-loaded images based on your new thumbnail sizes.

Basic CSS modifications on the website : by using this plugin, you can do css modifications with point and click interface, no coding required.

To bulk delete Menu items, use this plugin

Use Google fonts on your website easily, by using this plugin :